Sunday, April 26, 2015

Real Talk.

Real talk people need to be more supportive of each other. Real talk we could use a lot more positive energy in general.  Real talk art, creativity, this thing we call life, needs some extra attention right now. Real talk our communities need support. 

#artists!! It is important that we keep art alive. We have to work together and we have to stay true to ourselves. Our modern culture shames the artist life style but we have to stand strong and support each other. Don't forget why you make things and never stop creating. Art is not only relevant but necessary. Art is the only true self expression be it through music or acting or painting. Arti is life! We need it!

 Follow your impulse to draw or take a photo. Make that birthday card for your best friend. Just don't stop making. We are the reason questions are asked. We can teach so many life lessons and open perspectives. Support your creativity and the creativity of others around you. It doesn't take science or studies to know or understand if art disappears our world will be a much more negative place. 

Ask questions. Stay true to you. Express yourself. Be bold. Be bright. Be strong. Be love. Be light. Be color. Be original. Be understanding. Be fearless. 

As an artist I LOVE working with other artists. I love to see how others express themselves. The things we make are the truest forms of us. These things have spirit. Our spirits, emotions,, attitudes, inspire each other. Ourselves and the things we make are what keeps the world moving. We spend too much time working for other people and trying to be what other people want us to be. We can't supress personalities or emotions. 

It is an honor to know and work with so many creative people. I hope everyone finds inspiration in the things and peopl around them. Try to make something everyday. Big or small. Simple or complex. Our individual styles are so important to a balanced life and world. 

I look forward to many new collaborations this year. I am working on my summer line of jewelry and accessories. Make sure you are supporting the artists around you. Give back when you can. Kind words and conversation go a long way. We can continue to push each other but we have to work with one another along the way.

Go to your local craft and art fairs. Find your neighborhood or city's little boutiques featuring local and small artists. When you shop for gifts, think local. There are no shortages of holidays and occasions that call for gifts. There is so much surrounding us, Now go find it! 

Photography by Jabari Smith

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